Demon: the Return, city of Angels

Kill or be killed

The brood was informed that they were being hunted down by a very powerful demon, the name they were given was Eric Rafael. Leann and Raymond warned them, though no True Name was given. They went to seek him out, first going to the Bastion Galary in West Hollywood where the place was booby-trapped to the hilt. Next to East LA to the dangerous El Corona aparments where they found a demon trapped in a pillar beneath the pool. Still no sign of Eric. Off to the Inferno, a twisted S&M club, but the brood was unable to overcome their insecurities and venture too far in here. Now Eric has made a move, several properties have been assaulted, along with the vehicles of Tamick and Roger.

For safeties sake the Brood has split up. They must find Eric before he finds them, they must destroy and consume him or else they will become victims in his quest to return to power…

Demon war


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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