Demon: the Return, city of Angels

Slaughter at St. Barnabus

The hunt was on for the dastardly Eric Rafael. It was learned from Leann that he was in fact the returned Amarel who had been recently slaughtered by Sarah Ash. How did he return so quickly? Questions that Samson didnt have time for, he knew it was kill or be killed. After visiting the Ashfall Factory and touching base with the other Demons of the House of Coming Darkness, Samson made his way to the Santa Monica City Library to meet with Sarah Ash. After laying down that she did not vanquish him, they went to an old hide out of his formal self, kenneth wright. It was here, at the St Barnabus Church, where Amarel was indeed hiding out. After splitting up to find their quary, Amarel destroyed Sarah Ash. This lovely ancient Phoenician Water Deity became the fuel for Amarel. With his back against the wall, Samson fought on. And as if a sign from above, a hero most momentous came to the rescue leaving Samson to wonder was it a bird, was it a plane…

St barnabus church


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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