Leann Zagorski

The Keeper of the Azure Flame


Leann is the de facto ruler of the Court of the Azure Flame and rules the city very loosely. She bends her own rules at a whim and will ensnare almost anyone in her plots. Many seek her destruction and downfall, but as of yet her enemies seem to disappear before their plans get off the ground. She makes dreams come true for her thralls, and her thralls are kind of a whose who of Hollywood on stage, screen, and music venue. She has made the choice to help our brood of returned Demons, but what is it she gains from it? Leann never does anything without it benefiting her greatly in the end.

She is of the House of Resurgence and a Renovo.



Leann has been around for a long time, and she is very secretive about her roots.

many speculate that she is in fact Lillith, and that the Azure Oath binds one in an agreement with Lillith that Leann orchestrates all but clinches this thought to most.

Leann Zagorski

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