the court of the Azure Flame and other NPCs

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Court of the Azure Flame: a collective oath by very powerful ancient demons who have been around for several hundred years and have each built the Houses into rulership. Their oath is “we shall forge an agreement to not cause each other harm, and to lift ourselves to the height of prestige at the expense of the lesser Daemon that return. Though shalt not harm the five in agreement, though shalt use the young daemons that come forth, and though shalt present each to the great mistress of the dark, Lilith”. This is called the Azure Oath.

Keeper of the Azure Flame: Leann Zigorski. She lives in Beverly Hills at the plush Sheddim Estates.

Magistrate of the Azure Flame: Marcus Aloki. He dwells at the Sterling Trust building downtown.

The Dispenser of the Azure Flame: Raymond Dragovic. He lives in an ancient mine under the La’brea tar pits though he also frequents a night club called the armory.

The Bringer of the Azure Flame: Allison Sartan.. She is often found on the campus of USC and has an entire underground labyrinth.

The Stroker of the Azure Flame: Peter Simmons. He is often found at a secret brothel downtown called “Kitty Whispers”.


the court of the Azure Flame and other NPCs

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