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The Houses of the Fallen

The House of Coming Darkness: Ashfall Factory, City of Industry, headed by: Dominick Gregory , this is a training center and there is a Rave here every weekend. There are a couple of Goth/Emo bars located around that outside that come and go.

The House of Judges: Halls of the Praetorium, Santa Monica, headed by: Mark Damon, this beautiful and grand hall houses many secrets, soul cages, and imprisoned daemons. Mark considers himself the true ruler of Los Angeles and prepares constantly for the return of Asmodeus.

The House of Mortal Delights: Baccian Nights, nightclub in Malibu, headed by: Reyna Stolee, this beautiful incense filled hall caters to every drug and sexual appetite imaginable. Many Demons are uncomfortable here, and there are sex slaves aplenty. The term wrong is too loose with this place, it is heinous indeed.

The House of Resurgence: The Bastion of Eternal Glory, Venice Beach, headed by Kevin Cantrell, this invisible bastion in only seen by demons by strange and powerful magics. It is said to be ensouled by several Enlightenment Daemons. Inside is glories to the past and a strong push to return the Daemons to their rightful positions of gods of the world.

The House of Enlightenment: Convocation Hall, USC Campus, headed by: Meredith Gillette, this facility sits under the grand library at USC and is home to many ancient items and relics that the Demons study for their own purposes. Many debates are to be had here on why Daemons are returning, and many human “pets” are to be found as well.

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